We are Limette: A Team of Visionary Dreamweavers

We’re a crew of imaginative dynamos, rocking the world with our creative prowess. Our squad is a delightful mix of spirited 👧 & 👦, working their magic to bring your wildest visions to life.

Videos are our playground, and we’re addicted to two things: people and food (in that exact order).
Oh, and let’s not forget our obsession with 🍋🍊🍋 — it’s like a zesty love affair!

Our creative alchemy encompasses the realms of ideation, scripting, meticulous preparations, production wizardry, culinary styling, exquisite set design and construction, cinematography, masterful editing, and enchanting color grading.

Got a project itching for development? Seeking the perfect interview, a captivating corporate chronicle, a tantalizing product demonstration, mouthwatering commercial, or any other commercial cravings? We’ve got your back.

Whisper your aspirations to us at bogdan@limette.film or dial 0040 723 544 266. 

We’re ready to rock and roll, and sprinkle some laughter along the way. 

Let’s make your dreams a reality!

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